Heroin and Marijuana

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This past Sunday, in the miniseries Drugs, Inc., Nat Geo exposed the worlds of Cocaine and Meth, telling the stories of growers and producers, traffickers, dealers, users, cops, and doctors who live in the world of drugs. Now, get a 360 degree view of the worlds of Heroin and Marijuana in their premieres this Monday July 12 starting at 9P et/pt.

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Video Preview: “Heroin City” — Vancouver, British Columbia is enveloped in a heroin addiction epidemic, with many of its addicts dying of AIDS each year.

Video Preview: “The Medical Heroin Experiment” — In Switzerland, one doctor is providing addicts with heroin in order to reduce the criminal impact of heroin use.

Video Preview: “Medical Mary Jane” — Medical marijuana use is thriving in California, where patients use it for everything from fibromyalgia to AIDS.

Video Preview: “The Church of Cannabis” — In northern California, worshippers of marijuana have formed the United Cannabis Ministry — a church for pot smokers.

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