The Great White Expedition Continues…

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The adventure continues at Guadalupe Island, Mexico, where Dr. Domeier is one sperm sample away from proving great whites come here to breed.

Earlier on the expedition, he collected seminal fluid from a great white for the first time, a 14-foot-5-inch male named Bite Face. If he can find live sperm in it, his theory will be sound. But upon examination under the microscope, he finds none. The race is on to land another male, to secure a viable sample.

Expedition leader Chris Fischer doesn’t think that should be too hard. Three sharks are already circling the mother ship, and they are feisty. The most aggressive is a male known as Stumpy, but because he is missing part of his dorsal fin, the team does not want to catch him as they won’t be able to attach their satellite tag…

Video Preview: “The Perfect Specimen” — It’s the team’s third expedition to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, and Dr. Domeier’s on the prowl for a good sperm sample.

Video Preview: “A Smelly Situation” — It’s a smelly job but someone has to do it! Denny tries his hand at cutting bait, and finds out it’s harder than it seems.

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