The Great White Grail

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One of Dr. Domeier and the Expedition Great White crew’s main goals is to solve the mystery of where great white sharks go to breed. On their third trip to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, they may come close to the answer.

Using advanced techniques that allow them to be selective in their shark-catching, they land a mature great white male — aptly named Bite Face — and he is the perfect specimen. Dr. Domeier is able to obtain the blood and fluid samples he needs, but will he be able to confirm his suspicions that white sharks are mating in these tropical waters?

Video Preview: The Art of Seducing Sharks — With the help of some irresistible bait, the crew lures in a female great white to test Dr. Domeier’s breeding ground theory.

Video Preview: Shark Singles Bar — The crew heads back out to shark laden waters off Mexico’s west coast to prove that Guadalupe Island is a shark breeding ground.

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