MySci Daily Round-Up, July 2: A Fortean Day, Indeed

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July 2 is a momentous day in history, when it comes to phenomena so perversely puzzling that they would make Charles Fort, that late 19th-early 20th century chronicler of the inexplicable, jump for joy. On this day in 1843, for example, an alligator reportedly fell from the sky during a thunderstorm in South Carolina. 116 years later, in 1959, low-budget director Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space, widely regarded as the worst sci-fi movie ever made, premiered. Precisely 23 years later, in 1982, a man named Larry Walters attached balloons to a lawn chair and ascended to 16,000 feet in altitude over San Pedro, California. It could be that in one of the unobservable additional dimensions to reality posited in string theory, all of these events share some common, perfectly logical explanation — one, say, that also makes sense of some the stories in today’s round-up. Or not.

The Hadron Large Collider is making music, though it’ll never be mistaken for the work of Lady Gaga. reports.

Who purloined King Tut’s penis? New Scientist wants to know.

Giant religious statues have an alarming tendency to be struck by lightning,according to LiveScience blogger Benjamin Radford.

A nifty planetary engineering fix for global warming may cause us to get pounded by monsoons, but hey. Science Daily has the story.

Egg donor hotties may hook up with infertile parents who really, really want attractive kids. weighs in.

Is healthy eating a mental disorder? FoodFreedom takes a dim view of the new diagnosis of orthoexia nervosa.

That’s some smart clothing that you’re wearing. Wired’s GadgetLab gives us a photo gallery of computerized textiles.

Deploying snake-sniffing dogs at cargo ports and luring female lampreys into traps with a love potion are a few of the new, wily methods for fighting invasive critters highlighted in this Scientific American slideshow.