1960s Dream Car Restoration

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In 1963, she was a star of the auto-show world. Now, nearly 50 years later, she lays in wreck at a hot rod shop in Ft. Worth, Texas.

This pile of rust is highly unusual: with a ’54 Oldsmobile front-end and the tail of an El Camino pickup, professional restoration expert Alan Lewenthal has never seen anything like her. And though upon close inspection she seems nothing but a rusty hunk of body filler in shambles, Alan sees something in her — she’s a rare survivor from the 1960s’ golden era of custom dream cars.

Alan and his team will have to dig deep to find the beauty hidden in their corroding chunk of metal. With hard work, painstaking research, and delicate engineering, they will resurrect this long-dormant car celebrity and restore her to her former glory.

Video Preview: Dream Car Archaeology

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