Prehistoric Beasts Become Bulldog Dinner

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Charlotte was a 3-year old English Bulldog with an appetite for prehistoric animal toys. What happened to this smooth-coated, short-faced canine after she dined on T-Rex and Wooly Mammoth figurines?

Dennis Geagan DVM, a veterinarian at Westlake Animal Hospital in Florida, was called when Charlotte’s health was inexplicably deteriorating. She was suffering from vomiting, inappetance and abdominal pain.

They performed radiographs of her abdomen, which Dr. Geagan explained “showed a foreign body present that on close examination was the faint but discrete outline of a small T-Rex toy figure.”

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blog post photo
Dr. Geagan operated on Charlotte, performing an anastomosis of the intestines to removed the T-Rex. Upon further internal investigation, they found that they actual blockage turned out to be due to a figure of a Wooly Mammoth, not in fact the T-Rex.

Both toys were successfully removed from Charlotte’s stomach, and she recovered very well, following her doctor’s orders of a “strict diet that excludes all prehistoric animals.”

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Radiograph Image Credits: Dennis Geagan, DVM

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