Shocked By the Danger

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by Scott B

August 2009 – Southern Hercules barge, Gulf of Mexico

I am shocked by it — by the intensity of diving to nearly 300 feet underwater. I’m shocked by the danger that these divers live with on an everyday basis. I’ve filmed in operating rooms where life and death are ever-present, but this is something different. These are people in the prime of their lives, making a choice to go into a zone where human beings are not meant to go. They aren’t mountain climbers; they aren’t doing it as a sport. For everyone on the boat, it’s a job. It’s what they do for a living. But the hazards are always in the back of everyone’s mind.  If a diver is in the water, as soon as you step into a dive shack, you sense it. Every time someone goes into the water, if something goes wrong, they could die. And there are so many things that can go wrong down there. The key is: if they’re that deep, they can’t just come back up. Even if you are truly seriously hurt, coming up too fast is far worse than what happened to you. As long as you’re still breathing…

Video: Emily’s First Deep Sea Dive

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