Storm Worlds: Deadly Dust

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What would happen if a Martian-sized dust storm came down to Earth?

Dust storms on Mars and Earth are identical, save for the fact that those on Mars are many times larger and more powerful. Now, as human exploration of Mars creeps closer, exhaustive testing is underway to ensure that astronauts are protected from the dust storms that rage there.

Through their research we are not only preparing to face those extra-terrestrial storms, we are also learning about how to deal with and understand dust storms on our own planet.

Utilizing cutting-edge CGI, the special Storm Worlds: Deadly Dust, airing Tuesday at 10P, examines the terrifying impact of an all-encompassing, Martian-sized dust storm here on Earth. Dust devils that tower over city skyscrapers are unleashed and the powerful storm grows to consume our entire planet – and everything on it.

Video Preview: Martian Dust Devils

Don’t miss Storm Worlds: Deadly Dust, this Tuesday, May 18 at 10P et/pt.
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