Police Officer Pumphrey on "Super Cops"

by Craig Pumphrey
Fight Science: Super Cops Participant

Fight Science: Super Cops airs Thursday Feb 25 9P et/pt

FIGHT SCIENCE!!! I was there in the beginning and I came back for another episode that is close to my heart….Law Enforcement. I have been a police officer since 2002 and I have seen my share of horror, tragedy, sadness, chaos, excitement, fun and drama. I have lived the life many wish they could, I have the front row seat in this show of life. So, when it came to being invited on another episode of Fight Science exploring the world of Law Enforcement I was ready to roll.

Once again when I arrived on set there was an excitement in the air that I am familiar with in the field that was some how captured within this huge building. Police cars, K-9’s, officers, S.W.A.T., guns, duty gear…Oh..did I mention GUNS? Yeah I was right at home. I was really looking forward to the science behind some of the many tools that Law Enforcement use on a daily basis. How fast does a bullet travel, How does a bullet resistant vest work, how fast is a police K-9? Of course the only place to get these answers are from the producers of Fight Science.

I was very happy to see so many different departments involved from all over the country each department ringing their own skills and tools. It was like a buffet of new tools and different techniques with a mixture of intellectual views on similar situations we have all shared.

For example this one officer named Carl Finley who was from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana who brought a tool to set which he called a portable “Water Cannon”. This was a strange looking contraption to say the least and when it came to getting a volunteer to take a shot from this thing, well they didn’t look far. So there I was all geared up with Carl facing me down like in the days of the wild west. Carl armed with his cannon and me with my strength, size and stupidity. I guess it’s easy to say that when Carl pulled the trigger on this cannon I found myself looking up at the ceiling. The amount of force behind the water was amazing and the power generated by the compressed air was well, let’s just say it was breathtaking.

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There was another officer who went by the name “Dave” who had a thing with explosives. He carried the tools used by S.W.A.T. teams called “Flash Bangs” and when they went off it brought a definition to their name FLASH….BANG! The way I summed it up was basically the forth of July in a little can. Dave had several different styles of these tools used for different purposes and the science gathered from them was impressive. The over all experience of the show was great and the stories everyone shared was fun, sad and eye opening. It was nice to see a show being made to document the dangers police face on a daily basis.

The world is a scary place that carries dangers on every street corner and most people are blind to it. Police have a hard job in protecting the innocent and capturing the criminals that prey on the weak. In this show people will see that catching the bad guy is one thing, but to do it without trying to cause them great injury is another. It’s like getting into a fight with someone on the street and the rules are simple, the guy your fighting has no rules but you have many that you are not allowed to break.

As I sat with “Big John” McCarthy discussing all the situations we have both been in it is amazing we are still alive to talk about them. To use less lethal tactics to control out-of-control people in our job is a must because these are the rules to which we are bound. To have the best tools to accomplish this goal is important for saving the lives of the innocent and the out-of-control people as well. This show helps explain to the public not only how hard and dangerous our jobs are, but also the great lengths we go through to save lives. I truly hope that when viewers get a chance to see this incredible series and the officers who helped make it that people will understand our role in this life.

It is a fact that when bullets are flying and people are running away from the death and danger they face there will always be those who run towards it. The ones who wear the badge and put their own lives on the line to save others. I know it is hard to understand the views that police have and there are people who may not like the police or maybe scared of police. In this show you will see the dangers we face, the distances we go to help and save lives. I was honored to be a part of this great work to show the people that behind this badge we are people too. We are fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, we are the neighbors that you tell your kids to run to if there should ever be danger. So next time you see a police officer on the street, in the store, at your school, or next to your car… try smiling and maybe even say hello, because that may be the only smil we see that day. May God bless the peace keepers and protect those who stand for what is right.